Video 11 Oct

I have lost 26 pounds since August 1 and I am feeling great!! Here’s to shedding more pounds! :) 

Text 11 Oct Paper.

Currently writing a paper titled “Cerebellar Mutism and Dysarthria following Posterior Fossa Surgery.” Not sure if anything I have written makes sense. Grad school makes me crazy sometimes. I do, however, love my major. 

Text 5 Oct It’s terrible how you feel so important in one moment and so insignificant the next…
Text 7 Jul 1 note—vocal

Have you ever watched a video of the vocal folds in action? It is actually quite amazing. Such small structures, but they have the power to help us do the one thing we all want to do—-communicate. It is amazing just how fast they move and how much they can do. Everything must work together to let the vocal folds do their job though, therefore if one system is not right, communication may never be possible.

P.S. I get to look at my own vocal folds tomorrow :)

Text 6 Jul—fisherman

A lonely fisherman—-
As he sat on the dock with his fishing pole in one hand and his beer in the other, he thought to himself, ”What is my higher purpose, what should I be doing with my life?”Except he answered this question himself. He realized he is supposed to live the simple life and continue being happy. That’s his purpose.

Text 18 Apr—withhold

Never withhold from saying what you truly want to say. It often does not do us any good to keep our true feelings locked up inside. Let the words flow from your mouth, because yes, they could be harmful, but they could also be the same words that will change your life forever. Say what is on your mind and maybe you will help someone out who had trouble seeking assistance.

Text 10 Apr—collapse

Ever feel as if you will collapse from the weight of the world? What do you do to avoid the inevitable slip between the cracks of your life? The thing is, you can’t avoid the collapse but you can grow from it. Let it happen and then look back on it. Realize that there is always something there to help you pick yourself up. Realize you are never alone in life. 

Text 2 Apr—overt

An overt personality, thats what I used to be. Always wanting to tell more about myself and ready to experience new things. Except now, it has turned into constantly having my head buried in work and worries. Always wanting to succeed, never wanting to fail. Feeling lost in my own skin and as if nothing is ever good enough. Amazing how something can change you or how those who have left you still have an impact and make you feel insignificant. 

Text 17 Mar 1 note—forefront

There they were…on the forefront of a new discovery. Except, what did this really mean? Would it bring them fame and success or did they not want that? Perhaps they should keep quiet. Keep their little discovery a secret and not let the world get involved. They had discovered the true meaning of love and wonder…was it selfish to keep it for themselves?

Text 11 Feb 1 note—spiral

Don’t let it spiral out of control. Stand your ground and take it all one step at a time. Try to leave your comfort zone, but remain aware of your roots and the person you are. Spiraling downward is not the answer, spiraling into new adventures is what you want to strive towards. Live, but be cautious…for one never knows where their path will take them. 

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